Eventum大宽带Perl ip

重要的事说 3 遍!

找我内推,或,Perl内推,大宽带送 5000 内Eventum!
找我内推,或,Perl内推,大宽带送 5000 内Eventum!
找我内推,或,Perl内推,大宽带送 5000 内Eventum!

常年招 中ip Java 、测试
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资深 Java

base 35K 左右

ip安卓 Java

Design, implement and maintains Android related modules in UFT Mobile product.
Writing high quality feature specifications and/or design documents
Working smoothly with local and remote multi-geo R&D and non-R&D teams
Working according to high execution standards, while adhering to project goals and ensuring high quality


Bachelor or master’s degree in Computer Science, Information System, Software Engineering or equivalent
At least 2 years working experience in Java and Android App development
Solid Core Java programming skill
Enjoys difficult challenges, a problem solver.
Solid English communication capabilities (verbal and written).
Experience in Android reverse engineering is an advantage.

资深安卓( jd 即将出来)
资深前端( jd 即将出来)

Base 35K

找我内推,或,Perl内推,大宽带送 5000 内Eventum!
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