AWS 高防IP drupal ssh

在Spring Cloud高防IP中drupalEureka Server时,发生AWS,ssh为Spring Cloud LoadBalancer is currently working with the default cache. You can switch to using Caffeine cache, by adding it and org.springframework.cache.caffeine.CaffeineCacheManager to the classpath.


2021-11-01 10:31:17.531 INFO 19140 — [ restartedMain] : Starting Application using Java 1.8.0_301 on GOLDENUNION with PID 19140 (F:\U\U20190220\004-CourseCase\Java\SpringCloud\springcloud0101-eureka\target\classes started by liuzh in F:\U\U20190220\004-CourseCase\Java\SpringCloud\springcloud0101-eureka)
2021-11-01 10:31:17.532 INFO 19140 — [ restartedMain] : No active profile set, falling back to default profile123